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Crop Pollination

If interested in giving your crops a little boost, feel free to reach out about our pollination services! We will deliver a select number of colonies to your farm/crops during the flowering season to ensure your harvest is bountiful. Fees range from $180-240 per colony depending on distance and length of pollination services.

NOTE: We are not a commercial apiary, so pollination hives are limited.


Honey Jar Redemption Program

If purchasing honey from us, consider our redemption program! Simply follow the below instructions and receive a $1 or $2 discount off your next honey purchase! Discount dependent on jar size.

1) Return an empty and rinsed jar with lid to craft event or Brett's Bees location.


1/2 lb, 1 lb, 2 lb jars = $1 discount

2.5 lb jars = $2 discount

All jars/lids that are returned are cleaned and sanitized prior to re-use.

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About us

In Loving Memory of Dr. Carl Jurica

My journey into bee keeping did not start intentionally. Long-time beekeeper,
Dr. Carl Jurica, a close friend, slowly sparked my interest into bee keeping.

During the summer of 2021 Carl and I befriended each other. We would
frequently talk bees during my visits. Topics would range from queen rearing to
honey harvest to pests and illnesses, you name it. Each time I saw Carl I
learned something new about bees and bee keeping. After working with Carl for the
season he suddenly and regrettably passed.

Several months later I was given the opportunity to acquire a number of his
hives. I thought of this as not just a new business opportunity but a way to
honor Carl and to continue his far-reaching legacy.

To all current and future customers, thank you for taking a part in
continuing the legacy of Dr. Carl Jurica.