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2024 Spring Nucleus Colony - Preorder

2024 Spring Nucleus Colony - Preorder

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The following items are presale items only. In other words the "purchase" is to reserve your nuc order for a later date when hives are able to be split, most likely early spring but is mainly weather dependent. Pick-up availability tends to be mid to late May. 

Our Nucleus hives, or nucs, are made by dividing existing colonies in the early spring. Each nuc has a marked, mated queen. Your nuc will consist of either 3 or 5 deep frames (depending on choice at checkout), with a combination of brood, honey, and pollen. Nucs may contain plastic and/or wood frames. 

Nuc orders are limited to the spring/early summer and need to be placed 4 weeks prior to customer need by date. 

Orders will be fulfilled in the order that they are received.

Please be advised:

These orders are PICK UP only, unless discussed with a representative. If needing a delivery, delivery charges will be applied depending on location and distance. 

Prices at check out include a $20 refundable box deposit. If you wish to receive your deposit, please return boxes to pick up location or discuss pick up by Brett's Bees representative. Actual nuc prices are $160 (3-frame) and $200 (5-frame) disregarding box deposit. 

Please be sure to read the following Terms and Conditions in regards to Nuc Sales:

  1. Customers understand and acknowledge that bees and nucs are living creatures and are perishable. Brett's FarmStand will not be responsible or liable for loss of bees/nucs due to overheating once they are received by customers. Bees/nucs should be kept cool and out of direct sun until installed in hives.
  2. Bee/nuc orders canceled before March 31 will be refunded minus $20 per nuc. 
  3. Sales of bees/nucs are final once in possession of the customer. No returns or refunds are possible once the customer accepts the order. 

In purchasing you agree to the above terms and conditions. 


100% Honey

Shipping & Returns

This item is pick-up only, unless discussed with a representative.

Delivery is available but might result in delivery fees depending on delivery distance.

This item is non-refundable once in the possession of the purchasing party.


Care Instructions

If you are looking to start beekeeping, I highly suggest to join a local beekeeping group and take an Intro to Beekeeping course.

Though honey bees are for the most part self-sustaining, there are plenty of pests and diseases to keep an eye out for, the most common being Varroa Destructor Mites. Hives and Nucs within my apiary are treated with several mite treatments throughout the year including, Formic Acid, Apivar, and Oxalic Acid vaporization.

If you are looking to purchase a Nuc feel free to reach out with any questions, and I am more than willing to help you get on your way after purchasing if questions arise!

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